Sustainable and fair

GEDI B.V. is sustainable

Sustainability has taken a definitive place in the floriculture supply chain. Major retailers are also evolving in their sustainability requirements, which means they are constantly being asked to innovate. GEDI B.V. is a partner who enjoys the challenge of keeping the world livable by choosing parties that pursue these same sustainable goals.

Socially responsible business with Fairtrade flowers

GEDI B.V. also supplies Fairtrade products with the Max Havelaar label in addition to its standard products. The Fairtrade roses we supply come from farms where the welfare of the employees is carefully considered. They are treated fairly and medical care is often available on the farms. It also invests in social activities.

Fairtrade-certified companies pay fair wages and provide safe jobs with strict health and safety supervision. Importers pay a surcharge for Fairtrade flowers. This allowance is used for a variety of projects such as water filtration or building schools for both children and staff.


Fairtrade terms:

  • Regulated hours of work and rewards to employees
  • Occupational Safety and Health regulation
  • Protection of the environment through sustainable production methods
  • Ban on child labor
  • Compliance with these conditions is regularly monitored by Fairtrade inspectors.

MPS Florimark TraceCert / MPS GlobalGAP Chain of Custody

MPS, the international organization shaping sustainability

What began in 1995 as the environmental project of Flower Auction Westland is today a dynamic, international organization operating in more than 50 countries.

All MPS activities are aimed at promoting sustainable business in the international horticultural sector. By developing products (certificates) and services for their customers in the areas of quality assurance, environmental and social aspects, they shape sustainability and MPS provides the floriculture industry with “tools” to implement sustainable business practices (

GEDI B.V. is both MPS Florimark TraceCert and MPS GlobalGAP Chain of Custody certified.


Consumers choose organic produce because it is healthy, environmentally friendly and authentic. Also in this GEDI B.V. can support you since we are SKAL BIO certified (

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