Start selling cut flowers and plants

Get a jump start on your cut flower and plant sales

GEDI B.V. - fresh and direct!

‘Everything of perfect quality.’

GEDI B.V. has been a reliable partner and a household name in Westland and far beyond for over 30 years. Purchased fresh daily, expertly packed and reliable transporting. Everything of perfect quality!

Service-oriented and competent

With a wealth of experience, GEDI B.V. knows like no other how your products must be packed and shipped. In addition, we know exactly which growers offer the best products with the right price-quality ratio.


Joint development

GEDI B.V. can also work with you to further develop your flower and plant concept. In these processes, GEDI B.V. develops plans to boost and grow your current flower sales. This is done through tests, monitoring, sampling and developing appropriate sales strategies, which ensure an excellent and attractive cut flower and plant business!



GEDI B.V. provides on-site training for its regular customers and their organizations. Proper care and presentation is essential to increase your cut flower and plant sales. GEDI B.V. has this specific knowledge and offers various training possibilities for these purposes.


GEDI B.V. also provides workshops for its regular customers. Whether it is different styles of arranging cut flowers , product and colour combinations, a lot is possible. In addition to knowledge broadening, it is a perfect tool to fully involve your organization in your plans and motivate your employees for further growth.

Why GEDI B.V.?

  • Fresh and direct
  • Everything of perfect quality
  • Service-oriented and competent
  • Joint development
  • Training and Workshops
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