GEDI B.V. history

From then - to now

30 years of knowledge and experience

GEDI B.V. has existed for over 30 years and is a household name in the floriculture sector as a supplier of cut flowers, potted plants and related articles, such as bouquets and decorations.

From Katwijk to Naaldwijk

The company started in the year 1938 as a flower store owned by the van Rijn family. Flowers and plants were sold from Adriana Street. The produce was purchased fresh daily from various growers.

In 1980, the company grew from a flower store to a wholesale business that was established in Naaldwijk.

The name GEDI is an amalgamation of
Geer and Dick van Rijn.

GEDI B.V. - Retail

In 2004, GEDI B.V. began supplying various retail organizations. Since then, the organization has grown into a role as a retail specialist with a unique positioning.

Thus, purchases are made daily both directly from growers and at the auction. As a result, there is always sufficient product stock available. Currently there are approximately 30 employees in permanent employment at GEDI B.V. on a daily basis.

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