Welcome to GEDI B.V.

Welcome to the website of GEDI B.V., exporter of cut flowers and plants to many international markets. GEDI B.V. is located on the FloraHolland auction premises in Naaldwijk and has been supplying a complete range of cut flowers and plants to retail buyers for over 30 years. Fresh produce daily from our own growers and/or the auction

With over 30 years of international experience, GEDI B.V. is an authority in the field of buying and selling cut flowers and plants.

In addition to a wealth of experience, there is a great deal of expert knowledge and the organization is structured in such a way that it is constantly responding to current developments in the market.

Besides buying from (its own) growers, GEDI B.V. buys through KOA at all the auctions in the Netherlands. As a result, the right product is always available to our customers.

GEDI B.V. would like to grow together with you! Through intensive cooperation, we will jointly monitor and achieve our goals.

Controlled growth based on quality, assortment, pricing policy and total service.

Are you growing with us?

GEDI B.V. offers retail organizations total solutions in the area of an effective and appealing shelf of fresh cut flowers and plants.

In addition to a wide range of cut flowers, plants and arrangements, we develop product, presentation and packaging concepts. Everything to offer consumers a suitable and customized assortment, which complements the store appearance and takes the fresh experience to a higher level.


  • Over 30 years of international experience
  • Intensive cooperation
  • Total solutions, including development of store concepts, product lines and determining the assortment, both on a seasonal and thematic basis

Premium brand

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